Safe Travels USA vs. Liaison Majestic Insurance

During your search to buy visitors insurance, you may have come across these two travel medical insurance plans: Safe Travels USA and Liaison Majestic. They may seem similar at first, but the differences between Safe Travels USA and Liaison Majestic insurance could be important when making your travel insurance decision.

Safe Travels USA insurance and Liaison Majestic insurance are both comprehensive coverage plans, meaning they provide percentage based coverage for most eligible travel expenses. They are both good for traveling to the US, although Liaison Majestic offers international coverage as well. To find out more about the difference between Safe Travels USA and Liaison Majestic, refer to the comparison chart below.

Safe Travels USA
  • Administered by Trawick International
  • USA coverage only; no international coverage
  • Up to 2 years of coverage

  • Covers up to $1,000 for acute onset of pre-existing conditions
  • Covers up to $1,000 for emergency pregnancy complications
  • Covers up to $2,500 for mental and nervous disorders
  • Covers up to $250 for emergency dental treatment per policy period

Liaison Majestic
  • Administered by Seven Corners
  • USA and international coverage
  • Up to 3 years of coverage for travelers under the age of 65; up to 12 months of coverage for travelers over the age of 65
  • Covers up to $3,000 for heart attack and stroke (Non-US citizens visiting USA)
  • No coverage for emergency pregnancy complications
  • No coverage for mental and nervous disorders

  • Covers up to $100 for dental pain and $500 for accidental dental injury (only if plan is purchased for 1 month or more)

COMMON EXCLUSIONS (What's not covered)
  • Preventative care (immunizations, routine medical exams)
  • Injuries incurred from certain hazardous activities
  • Vision care
  • Self-inflicted injuries
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