Visitors Care vs. Inbound USA Insurance

If you're looking to buy visitors insurance, you may have come across these two travel medical insurance plans during your search: Visitors Care and Inbound USA. While these two travel insurance policies may seem similar at a first look, you should understand the differences between Visitors Care and Inbound USA before making your decision.

Both visitors insurance policies are limited coverage plans, meaning that they pay a fixed, pre-defined amount per incident. For more information about the difference between Visitors Care insurance and Inbound USA insure, refer to the comparison chart below.

Visitors Care
  • Administered by IMG
  • USA and international coverage
  • Up to 2 years of coverage
  • Can be purchased up to 30 days after arriving in the US
  • Up to $5,000 of coverage for heart attack and stroke with optional rider

Inbound USA
  • Administered by Seven Corners
  • Only USA coverage; no international coverage
  • Up to 12 months of coverage
  • Can be purchased up to 1 year after arriving in the US
  • No coverage available for heart attack and stroke

COMMON EXCLUSIONS (What's not covered)
  • Preventative care (immunizations, routine medical exams)
  • Injuries incurred from certain extreme sports and hazardous activities
  • Pregnancy and maternity care
  • Treatment for mental health disorders
BEWARE: Risk of Limited Plans

Limited coverage insurance plans may be less expensive, but come with higher liability risks. Since limited travel insurance policies only cover a fixed, pre-defined amount for each benefit, you pay for any costs that exceed the pre-defined amount for any given medical treatment or service, and those medical costs could potentially run up to thousands of dollars.

Example: If you have a limited coverage policy with a limit of $400 for ambulance services, which costs about $2,000, then you have to pay the difference – a liability of $1,600.

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