Buying Visitors Insurance From a Comparison Site vs. an Insurance Company

When purchasing visitors insurance online, you can either buy your policy directly from the travel insurance company or from a comparison site. Travel insurance websites only sell their own plans while comparison sites list visitors insurance plans from multiple companies.

Both resources will have you enter information about yourself and your trip, such as your age, your trip duration, destination and total trip cost, then list the different visitors insurance plans that are best for you. Once you’ve selected a policy and you’re ready to purchase, both the company website and comparison site allow you to pay with a credit card and will send you a confirmation email with your travel insurance plan information and documents.

Travel Insurance Company Site

If you go directly to the travel insurance company’s website, you will only be shown the plans that company offers. Purchasing directly through the company site is a good option for those who have a preference for a specific company. If you already know which visitors insurance provider is best for you, buying directly from the company website may be preferred.

Comparison Site

Travel insurance comparison sites give you a complete, side-by-side listing of plans from different travel insurance providers. If you are not certain which plan or provider is best for you, comparison sites make it easy to compare visitors insurance prices, coverage details, exclusions, and more. They provide all of the information you need to choose the best visitors insurance plan for your personal insurance needs.

Same Price

The most important feature that both options share is price. Whether you purchase a visitors insurance policy directly from the company website or from the travel insurance comparison site, you will pay the same price. Although the comparison site makes a commission on the sale, the price is still the same for the customer.

In short, comparison sites make it easy to compare visitors insurance plans and companies all in one place rather than bouncing from one website to the next and are beneficial for those who want to learn about the benefits, coverage, and pricing of more than one provider.

In addition to travel insurance company sites and comparison sites, some credit cards offer visitors insurance, but be careful with this option. Credit card travel insurance may not offer sufficient travel medical protection.

Buying Visitors Insurance Is Easy Buying travel medical insurance is neither expensive nor a lengthy or complicated process. Most policies can be bought online in minutes. Compare & Buy
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