How to Choose Travel Insurance for COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, travel can be stressful and uncertain. One of the best ways to ensure your finances during this time is to invest in travel insurance.

Travel Medical Insurance, also known as Visitors Insurance, can protect you financially against expensive medical bills while you are out of your home country and away from the coverage area of your domestic health insurance. This type of travel insurance is especially important if you are traveling to places with expensive healthcare costs like the United States.

COVID-19 has made travel insurance essential for travelers. If you need medical attention while abroad, whether due to accident, illness or injury, travel medical insurance can help defray some of the related expenses.

Travel Insurance for Visiting the United States

There are some important benefits to look for in an insurance plan for those visiting the U.S. during the COVID-19 crisis. One of the most important things to check for is if the policy covers COVID-19. This may seem obvious, however some travel insurance plans will not cover costs associated with COVID-19 and others have tight restrictions. If you or other travelers have pre-existing conditions or ailments before leaving home, you'll also need to choose a plan that covers them for those conditions.

Here are our two favorite plans for travelers to the U.S. that cover COVID-19:

  • CoverAmerica-Gold: This plan is one of the best plans out there for COVID-19 coverage. Not only will CoverAmerica-Gold cover you for medical expenses associated with COVID and an indemnity allowance in case you must quarantine at your destination. It's the best plan for visitors to the U.S. during the pandemic.
  • INF Elite: If you or your traveling companions have pre-existing conditions, INF Elite is a great option during COVID-19 and beyond. Pre-existing conditions are any chronic medical conditions or maladies that existed prior to the start of your travel medical policy. If travelers have chronic conditions or are elderly, you'll need a plan which covers pre-existing conditions to cover any medical bills which relate to any existing condition. INF Elite is also great for COVID-19 because it treats the virus like any other new condition. You can read more about plan reviews for INF Elite Insurance and company reviews for INF Visitors Insurance .

Travel Insurance for International Travel (Outside the U.S.)

If you live in the U.S. or are traveling somewhere else in the world, there are other travel medical insurance plans which can cover you and your loved ones for COVID-19.

  • Liaison Travel Plus: Is a great option for U.S. residents and other people traveling internationally. This plan is specifically crafted for those traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Liaison Travel Plus treats COVID-19 like any other new illness and specifically makes allowances for problems related to the pandemic.

If you are traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic, travel medical insurance is an important investment for your health and your peace of mind. These travel insurance plans can help you travel safely even during these difficult times.

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