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Lisa Gant Verified buyer September 27, 2017, 7:11 am
Terrible customer service and a very complicated claims procedure. This company is attempting to avoid paying a medial bill despite the chief hospital administrator contacting them directly to put their ludicrous denial claim to rest. They continue to attempt to avoid paying the claim despite its low (in the medical world) value of around $3850. They will regret it and if need be they will have their day in court with us. Myself and my husband detest companies like this for their attempts to exploit people. If this case is not settled by the end of October 2017 we have already committed 180 hours to fill out reviews, post on social media, etc. Additionally we will start a blog about this company where we will invite other customers to add their own experiences. Due to our business we have contacts at the Today show, the Ellen show, 20/20 and more. This will be a sincere effort to ensure as many people as possible know NOT to use this deplorable company.
August 13, 2015, 4:38 pm
PLS DO NOT BUY INSURANCE FROM SEVEN CORNERS They are bunch of unprofessional and lazy company. First - Pls note, this insurance is not accepted anywhere in USA. You need to pay out of pocket for all expenses and then file a claim (which will go nowhere). Once you file a claim, they will ask you to send all forms (After which they will sleep for 2 weeks and not reply until you constantly follow up) Next they will say that they have requested for the doctor to send the same forms. (They will say that they sent it to the doctor, but i guess they do not send. I had to wait for 60 days and after constant follow up, i had to literally go to the doctor office and ask them to fax it). After that seven corners again sleep for 30 days. Then they send a letter to doctor office saying "No current eligibility on file". Now i am still following up and they are sleeping. It has been more than 90 days and no response. Overall till now, from day 1 , i sent 10 mails, they have sent me 2 mails . Worst company to deal with.
July 29, 2015, 11:54 am
Seven corner was one of those company that i found readily available to contact and talk to about my claims. They were very nice over the phone and very nicely explained us how we should be going about our claims. They passed our claims exactly as it was stated in the policy document. They even made an effort to explain us the working. Highly recommend them.

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