5 Mistakes That Will Get Your Visitors Insurance Claims Denied

Travel medical insurance is not guaranteed to cover all expenses and incidents, even if they are covered under your policy. When you file a claim for your visitors insurance, certain mistakes could result in a denied insurance claim. Visitors insurance companies can only reimburse you with the successful submission of your visitors insurance claim. The most common claims mistakes you should avoid when filing a travel medical insurance claim are listed below.

  • Not obtaining proof of incident
  • Not saving medical documents
  • Making assumptions
  • Notifying your visitors insurance company too late
  • Not submitting the claim on time

Not Obtaining Proof of Incident

When making a visitors insurance claim, you must have documented proof to support your claim. When a travel-related incident occurs, ask the airline, hotel, police, or other company or personnel for proof of the incident. Make sure you get proof for the following incidents:

  • Baggage loss. Reimbursement for baggage loss requires proof from the airline or airport.
  • Trip delay. You will need proof of travel expenses for making alternate travel plans.
  • Car accident. If you are in a car accident while traveling, obtain a police report of the collision.

Not Saving Medical Documents

If you do not save your documents, you will not be able to successfully back up your claim, and as a result, you may get your visitors insurance claim denied. Save all documents you acquire, including medical bills, receipts, a physician’s statement or diagnosis, and doctor or hospital contact information. The more documentation you can provide your visitors insurance company, the better support you have for your claim.

Making Assumptions

Many people make the mistake of filing a claim that is not included in their visitors insurance policy. Before filing a claim, and even more importantly, before purchasing an insurance plan, read the policy details and exclusions. Do not assume that a visitors insurance policy provides the coverage you need without verifying what it includes and excludes first. The insurance company will not process a claim for something that is excluded from the policy.

Notifying the Insurance Company Too Late

After attending to the travel related incident or seeking out medical attention in the case of emergency, call your visitors insurance company to inform them of your situation. This is sometimes known as precertification and may be necessary depending on the treatment. The company will guide you in the steps you should take thereafter and inform you of any documents or contact information they need to get a head start on the claims process.

Not Submitting the Claim on Time

Don’t wait too long to file and submit your claim. If your insurance company does not receive the claim within a certain period from the time of the incident, you may not be reimbursed. Check your visitors insurance policy for its claim submission time frame so you don’t miss out on receiving the travel coverage.

The key to filing a successful claim is reading the details and restrictions of your visitors insurance policy thoroughly and keeping all documents and proof of expenses incurred. If any medical problem or travel related incident occurs during your trip, refer back to your policy to understand what is and isn’t covered, and call your visitors insurance company to gain a better understanding of your coverage.

If your claim is denied, you can still file an appeal to have your claim reconsidered.

Did You Know? Filing a claim is a mandatory process for Visitors Insurance. Sending the claimant form along with necessary supporting documents, in a timely manner would speed up the process. Learn More
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