CoverAmerica-Gold Insurance provides coverage for non-U.S. residents and non-U.S. citizens, while traveling to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Bahamas and South America. The only plan of its kind, CoverAmerica-Gold is a comprehensive plan that offers a wide variety of unique coverage options, from border entry protection to influenza vaccination coverage.

CoverAmerica-Gold Plan Features

  • Plan pays 100% in the network after deductible is satisfied
  • Preferred rate for returning customers
  • Provides coverage for U.S., and trips to Mexico, Canada, Latin America, Bahamas and South America
  • No cancelation or extension fees
  • Access to urgent care copay $15
  • Provides coverage if your entry to the U.S. is denied*
  • Available coverage for hazardous sports*
  • Influenza vaccination coverage
  • Coverage for emergency dental treatment and eye exams*
  • Insurance ID cards downloadable to iPhone and Android Wallets

* Conditions Apply

Why CoverAmerica-Gold?

CoverAmerica-Gold Insurance is an ideal policy for international travelers to the United States. Not only does CoverAmerica - Gold provide coverage for loss of passport or travel documents, the plan may also provide coverage if the insured is denied entry at the border, making travel to the U.S. easier and more carefree than ever. This plan also offers comprehensive benefits for COVID-19 coverage. CoverAmerica-Gold can provide coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions. With exorbitantly high healthcare costs in the U.S., this policy gives travelers to America peace of mind.

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Notable Features
  • Coverage for COVID-19 like any other new illness.
  • Indemnity allowance for policyholders forced to quarantine at their destination.
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • No cancelation or extension fee
  • Public health emergency screening benefit which covers testing for illnesses including COVID-19
  • Plan pays 100% coverage after deductible, in network
  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage
  • Easy and affordable access to urgent care
  • Emergency dental treatment and eye exams

  • Maximum 365 days of coverage
  • Coverage not provided for travelers 80 years and older

Expert Opinion
CoverAmerica-Gold Insurance offers comprehensive medical coverage for non-U.S. citizens traveling to the U.S., with trips to Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Bahamas and South America. CoverAmerica-Gold covers COVID-19 like any other new illness, and includes an allowance for policyholders who must quarantine due to the virus. The plan pays 100% coverage after the deductible is satisfied and allows easy and affordable access to urgent care and an extensive PPO network. With CoverAmerica-Gold insurance, all international visitors to the U.S. can travel confidently and worry-free.

What sets CoverAmerica-Gold apart?
A typical travel medical insurance policy will cover medical emergencies, but the best policy has comprehensive coverage for COVID-19. This means that the insurance firm won’t just help you if you get sick, but they’ll also be able to reimburse you for delays, enforced stays (quarantines), and missed departures or connections. CoverAmerica-Gold has all this and more.

A true travel medical insurance policy, CoverAmerica-Gold is not just another "COVID medical included" type of policy--it is much more, it is a true gold standard.

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Plan Highlights

AM Best Ratings
Coverage Type
Who Can Buy It
Non-U.S. citizens traveling to the U.S.
Contact Information
Coverage Duration
5 days to 365 days
Refund Policy / Look-up Period
Providers Network
Extensive PPO network
Emergency Assistance Numbers
Sirius Specialty Insurance Corporation
Provides Coverage for
USA & trips around U.S.
State Restrictions
Not available for purchase in NY and MD
Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage
Acute Onset Only

How to Buy CoverAmerica - Gold Insurance?

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