Buying Visitors Insurance for Seniors Over 70? Top 5 Things to Consider

Seniors over 70 have every right to travel abroad and visitors insurance provides medical coverage specific to the needs of elderly travelers. However, depending on the traveler’s specific health conditions, there are certain coverage options and other benefits to take into consideration before buying travel medical insurance. When you’re ready to buy a visitors insurance policy, consider the following to help choose the best visitors insurance plan for your trip.

Overall Health

What is the traveler’s general health condition? Some senior travelers over 70 may be more susceptible to sickness or injury. If this is the case for you or your family members, consider purchasing a travel medical insurance plan with a higher policy.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Does the traveler have a pre-existing condition? Elderly travelers with pre-existing conditions should choose a visitors insurance plan that provides limited pre-existing condition coverage. These plans provide medical coverage, such as urgent medical care, for travelers with medical conditions existing prior to policy effective dates. Available plans offering limited pre-existing condition coverage can be found here.

Planned Trip Activities

What is the traveler planning to do during their trip? If you or your family members are planning a mellow trip with few activities, a limited coverage plan may be best. If you have a more active trip planned, a limited coverage plan may not provide enough coverage. Even simple activities like sightseeing or hiking can be hard on senior travelers, which is why it is best to plan for any activity that could make them fall sick or get injured. A comprehensive coverage plan will provide the extra coverage you may need.

Trip Duration

How long will the traveler be away? The longer the trip is, the higher the chances are of a senior becoming sick or injured during the trip. Depending on the length of your trip, choose a plan with an adequate policy maximum. The longer your duration of the travel, the higher your policy maximum should be.

Medical Evacuation

Is the traveler going on a cruise or another trip where he/she may need emergency medical transportation? Senior travelers going on a cruise or visiting an area with limited medical facilities should purchase visitors insurance with emergency medical evacuation coverage. Travelers over 70 are more susceptible to sickness and injury, which is why it is best to be prepared for all medical emergencies. In the case the emergency medical evacuation is needed, an insurance policy can provide this coverage.

Travelers over 70 are at higher risk in the eyes of insurance companies, so you may have to pay more for a better policy as a senior traveler. However, it is important to consider all health concerns for the safest travel experience and choose a travel medical insurance plan that gives you the medical coverage you need.

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