What is Visitors Insurance?

Visitors insurance is a temporary travel health insurance plan that provides travel and medical coverage, both emergency and non-emergency, for anyone traveling outside their home country.

For international travelers, having a visitors insurance policy is the best way to stay protected while traveling abroad. Visitors insurance protects against medical emergencies, mishaps, and unforeseen incidents that occur overseas, giving travelers peace of mind while away from their home country.

Not having medical insurance in a foreign country is risky. If you require medical attention at any time during your trip abroad, medical bills could cost you thousands of dollars without visitors health insurance. Especially when traveling to the US, which has an extremely high cost of medical care, having travel medical insurance can save you from a financial disaster.

What Does Visitors Insurance Cover?

Visitors health insurance covers any sickness or injury incurred while traveling abroad. Most emergency medical expenses and travel-related incidents are covered by visitors insurance. Depending on the policy and coverage type, some of the most common travel medical benefits that are covered by visitors insurance plans include doctor visits, surgical treatment, emergency medical evacuation, and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D).

Visitor insurance plans are available in limited or comprehensive policy types. Basic or limited coverage policies, which are less expensive, are fixed benefit plans that only pay a pre-defined amount for each medical treatment or service. Comprehensive coverage policies, which are more expensive, are percentage based plans that provide better coverage, paying 80 to 100 percent of the costs after the deductible is satisfied. The policy that is best suited for you depends on your medical needs or anticipated trip activities. Learn more about information on limited vs. comprehensive policies

How Does Visitors Insurance Work?

If you need to use your visitors insurance policy, is it important to understand how the process works. Visiting a doctor or hospital, getting prescriptions and filing a claim all have specific functions within visitors insurance so make sure to research exactly how your policy will work if you need to use it while abroad.

What is Not Covered?

With all the coverage and peace of mind that visitors insurance provides travelers, there are also common limits and exclusions that come with each plan so make sure to read your policy carefully. Comparing visitors insurance plans and coverage maximums is important to determine which plan best suits your specific needs.

Do I Need to Have Visitors Insurance?

Visitors Insurance isn't required to travel, however it is recommended. Health expenses abroad and especially in the U.S can be extremely costly. If you or a loved one breaks an ankle and needs to go to the hospital it can cost $2000 and up. To help you further decide if visitors insurance is right for you, check our Top 5 Benefits of Visitors Insurance

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How Much Will Your Policy Pay?
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