Buying Visitors Insurance from the US vs. Your Home Country

If you are traveling to the US, you might wonder whether it’s better to buy visitors insurance from the US or from your home country. You can purchase a visitors insurance policy from either source, but buying travel medical insurance from a US-based travel insurance company may be the better choice. Read on for more information about where to buy visitors insurance when you travel to the US.

Visitors Insurance from USA

If you are traveling to the US, it is recommended to buy visitors insurance from a US-based travel insurance company for several reasons. Most important of these reasons is that policies from the US are more widely recognized across the country. A US-based policy is more likely to be accepted by most doctors and hospitals within the US, which is a crucial feature when you are in need of medical attention. Some of the other benefits of purchasing visitor health insurance from the US include:

  • Many US visitors insurance policies can provide instant coverage.
  • There are many different plans to choose from, depending on your insurance needs.
  • Your claims will be processed much faster.
  • US policies have higher ratings and are supported by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Visitors Insurance from Your Home Country

Although visitors insurance from your home country may be available, it may not be the best option for traveling to the US. Policies from non-US visitors insurance companies may not have the same quality coverage as US companies, which could be a hassle if you require medical attention during your trip. If you are thinking about purchasing a plan from your home country, consider the following before you buy:

  • Non-US visitors insurance policies are less recognized than US policies and may not be accepted by many doctors and hospitals.
  • A medical exam may be required for some travelers.
  • You may not be able to purchase your policy online.
  • The different time zone may make it difficult for you to contact customer service while in the US.

It should also be noted that visitors insurance from the US tends to be more expensive than non-US visitor insurance policies. However, better coverage and convenience is worth the higher cost. It is highly recommended that travelers visiting the US have visitor health insurance, as healthcare in the US is extremely expensive. When you are searching for your travel medical insurance policy, consider purchasing a plan from a US-based company over a company from your home country.

Visitors insurance from the US is more widely accepted across the country and will provide better coverage and convenience for your US travels. There are many US-based plans to choose from, whether you buy your policy from the insurance company or a comparison site. Just be sure to check that you are buying from a legitimate travel medical insurance provider and getting the coverage you need.

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